MID-WEEK EXCURSION – Wednesday 11st September

We invite you to join us to visit a Parmigiano-Reggiano Dairy. It is a social and cultural excursion for those who are curious to take a look to the production cycle of a local traditional product famous in the world.

We chose a dairy (Azienda Agricola La Villa) following strictly biological agriculture principles and animal wellbeing protocols to show a good example of sustainable agriculture. You can take a look to the website…unfortunately the site is only available in Italian, but pictures will probably help you to decide if you want to join.

If you are interested to come to this excursion write “yes” in the registration form where you read “Social excursion during the meeting”.

Programme of the excursion: after the end of the morning sessions, we will get to the dairy by bus (about 40 minutes). We will have lunch all together (here) in a pleasant agricultural hilly landscape. After the lunch we will be guided around the dairy to explore the production cycle of Parmigiano-Reggiano.

We will be back in Parma at about 19:00.


This excursion will cost 30,00 € per person (including travel, lunch and visit to the dairy).


The Post-Meeting excursion will take place in the mountains of the northern Apennines, within the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park.


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We will leave Parma the 13rd September, in the afternoon, to reach Carpineti (about 60 Km from Parma), a little village at about 560 m a.s.l., holding the ruins of a Middle Age Castle owned by Matilde di Canossa (Matilda of Tuscany). In the late afternoon we will have more time for discussions, enjoy a good dinner and have a relaxing night of rest in the Hotel Matilde.

The day after (14th September) we will reach Febbio (about 30 Km, 1000 a.s.l.) where we will take a chair lift that will take us on the Mount Cusna ridge, at about 2000 a.s.l.

We will walk down to the Rifugio Battisti (1765 m a.s.l.) and then up to the top of Mount Prado (2054 m a.s.l.), the third mountain top in the Northern Apennine, in about 2 h and 30 m. During this excursion we will have a look to the southernmost tundra remnants in Italy. We will have our lunch on the top of Mount Prado and then we will come back following the same path and get down to 1000 a.s.l. by the same chair lift.

Have a look here if you want to have more details on the landscape and the vegetation types we will see

IMPORTANT: The path is good and easy, but a little rocky. I suggest to be equipped with light hiking boots, not sturdy, but with a good sole and protected ankles. It will be not very difficult, but a mountain path in September at about 2000 m a.s.l. I recommend to do not use simple shoes. Take something to protect from wind and showers.

In the afternoon we will reach Ligonchio (20 Km from Febbio), a little village at about 1000 a.s.l. where we will accommodate at the Hotel Rifugio dell’Aquila. In the late afternoon we will have more time for discussions, enjoy a good dinner and have a relaxing night of rest.

On Sunday (15th September) we will travel back to Parma after breakfast, as early in the morning as we can (at about 12.00 we could be at the Parma train station).


This excursion will be partially sponsored by the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park. That allow us to set a price for this excursion to 90,00 € per person (including travel, 2 nights, breakfasts, dinners and saturday’s packet lunch).

Students and researchers without any salary and benefits can apply to reduce post-meeting excursion costs to 30,00 €.


If someone must be in Parma on Sunday morning we are available to bring him back to Parma on saturday in the late evening (but then you have to reserve a room for that night) or on Sunday in the early morning. Please, feel free to contact alessandro.petraglia@unipr.it for special requests.


1 . We will be at the Parma train station on Sunday 15th at about 12.00 o’clock.

2. We have to change our hotel during the post-meeting excursion, I’m sorry. However, we will prepare our luggages in the morning and these luggages will stay in our buses during the excursion. You don’t have to carry everything with you during the excursion nor to rent a room in Parma for the nights you will be away on the excursion (friday night and saturday night).